Garden: Vegetables

I continue to add more to my garden each year. This year is no exception. Due to the drought, I’ve decreased the square footage of my garden, however, the amount of plants I’m growing remains the same. It will be a crowded garden this year. More than 90% of the plants are on one side of my yard. The other 10% or so consist of the grapes that are finally settling in and producing fruits. I hope to conserve a little bit more water with this garden structure.

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Backpacking in Style

stripes&gold (8)

To give David a break from carrying a heavy load, I occasionally bring my own backpack on our outdoor adventures. For a longer hike I would bring a lighter backpack designed for outdoorsy activities. However, a day out with the dogs or a nice stroll in the park deems this fashion-friendly backpack appropriate. It’s also a great bag to take out shopping.

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Dressed-down Blazer + Coral Colors


Hello hello. In keeping up with my theme this month of dressing down articles of clothing meant to be dressed up, I am wearing a blazer with a pair of denim shorts and a summer tank with a peek-a-boo laced bandeau. I chose coral teal to accessorize with the coral orange top (which was gifted from one of my closest friend). I broke the conventional wear of the blazer by taking it out of the office and into the park to play with my dogs.

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Dressed-down Plum Trousers

PlumTrousers (2)

During my spring cleaning this weekend I came across a handful of professional items, or what I like to call “interview clothing” in my closet. Some have never even been worn (gasp). I bought a lot of them in hopes of wearing them in my office. However, my daily work in the lab doesn’t require me to dress up in professional-looking attires, and it doesn’t make sense for me to put these pieces in the dangers of chemical spills. So I figure I should dress these dress-up clothes down a little bit. In the next few weeks, I’d like to do a couple of posts where I dress-down an article of clothing that would typically be worn in a professional setting. I start it all off with these plum pants purchased from Loft ($20) on sale a few months ago.


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Sporty With A Skirt

black&white stripes  (5)

I’ve always liked the sporty sexy look, so here I paired a varsity jacket I got from Forever21 ($30) with a feminine skater skirt (also Forever21, $20). What can I say? I’m a sucker for the inexpensive trendy items at this place. The “M” on the jacket is what drew me to it. I also like the faux leather. It keeps me cool on a warm day. The best thing about the jacket is that it doesn’t attract lint or dog hair. Living with two hair-shredding monsters can be a drag so it’s nice to have clothing that doesn’t require me to constantly search for lint rollers or tape. I usually wear an XS but it’s difficult to find XS at Forever21, so I settled for a small. Besides, allowing it to run a little big will make it seem like it’s a boyfriend jacket. It brings back memories of wearing your high school boyfriend’s jacket, right?

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Paisley + Silent Disco

Paisley (1)

Hello, it’s been a couple of busy weeks for me. I’ve been trying to finish some sewing projects, which I will post later if the results are pleasant. =) I’m still practicing so it’s taking me longer than expected to finish anything. By the time I finish a winter item, summer is just around the corner. So it’s now time to pick up my unfinished project from last summer.

I have also been doing a lot of spring cleaning, including repainting the house and also redecorating. I find cleaning to be very relaxing. I spent last weekend cleaning out the whole house and moving things around. My dogs, Bumble and Suki, were not very pleased.

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My Fantasy Getaway Weekend

The editors at Shopstyle are hosting another contest. The theme is to  gather items from that you would pack for a fantasy weekend getaway.

I would love to drive up to Sonoma, California where I can take in the crisp air and the enjoy the scenic views off all the vineyards. A fantasy getaway would have to be somewhere beautiful and sunny and that requires shades like the one below.

|| Italia Independent Sunglasses ||


A nice bike ride through Sonoma’s safe neighbors into the hill towards the wineries would require something cute to wear, like the flowy skirt I selected with a simple short sleeve top and a hat to protect my face from the rays of the sun.

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Jumpsuit + Pink Accents

Black Jumpsuit (4)

At first I thought to myself, “I’m too short to be wearing jumpsuits. I’ll probably look like a short balloon or something.” But I think it was quite the opposite. Remember one of the rules for dressing a petite frame: monochromatic colors? Yes! Dressing in one color creates the illusion of a taller, and maybe even leaner, figure. More jumpsuits please!

Oh, and don’t forget to throw on some heels to fake your height even more.

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Garden Update

garden_update (16)Green leaf lettuce

I am so proud of my garden this winter. Everything grew so well, especially the lettuce. Lettuce is one of the many main veggies I eat on a daily basis. David and I have spring rolls almost every other night!  To not have to buy lettuce this whole winter was amazing. Oh, and I also started a mint bush just for spring roll nights and I also have an endless supply of green onions for the same purpose. =) Fresh veggies and herb make me so happy. Can you tell?

On top of saving money from not buying lettuce and other herb from the grocery store, I also saved money on watering. Due to the California drought, I did not water my plants this winter. I solely depended on whatever moisture Mother Nature gave to my plants. I lost some of my kale and cabbages, but not to lack of water. The aphids just love anything from the kale family. Other than that, I would say my overall winter garden is a success.

Not watering my plants will have to end this summer though. To avoid using too much water, I am relocating all my plants to one section of my yard. I started seeding a lot of summer plants, including watermelon, cucumbers, beans, cilantro, basil, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants just to name a few. I am also starting a blueberry bush in a whiskey barrel to take advantage of all the great nutrients blueberries have to offer. I love blueberries but it can be so expensive to buy, so I figure why not grow my own? It’s super easy!! I’ll post pictures of that in my next garden update. Until then, enjoy the ones below. =)

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