Gray Tones w/ A Little Sparkle

Gray tones  (1)

Wearing a blazer with a mini body contour dress is a great way to class up your outfit. I threw a one button casual blazer, like the one from J. Crew, over a body contouring cocktail dress for a night out with my finance. There’s a beautiful winery by our house that has wine and dance nights every so often, so when we feel like going out to paint the town red, that’s where we go. It’s hard to find dresses with dramatic necklines like this, Continue reading

Lace Back Sweater

Lace back sweater (1)

Hi all! I really like the lace pattern on the back of this sweater. It adds femininity to an otherwise boring sweater. It’s the perfect piece to wear in California. The days have been cool in the morning and evening, but relatively warm in the afternoon. So it’s a nice sweater to layer with. I accessorized it with a simple black scarf and an antique locket.

Lace back sweater (2) Continue reading

Blue Tones w/ Coral

blue tones with a touch of coral (4)
When I checked my social media feed this morning, everyone seemed to be asking the question: What color is the dress? If you look at the actual Roman Originals dress, it is clearly blue and black. The post in Tumbler showed a slightly different color which raised the fun debate of which color it may be: white/gold or black/blue. I asked my fiancee and he gave me a “huh?!” stare.

Anyways, happy Friday! All Continue reading

White Dress Galore!

With my wedding coming up this year, I’ve been obsessed with white dresses. Although I’ve already purchased both my ceremony and reception dresses, I can’t help but look at others. Even if I’m just looking, I feel a little guilty. It’s like I’m betraying my dresses. Both my dresses are from David’s Bridal. They offer so many types of beautiful dresses at such great price, I couldn’t look anywhere else but there. And the name of the store is pretty cool too. =)

Below are some of the few dresses I’ve been looking at.

I spend some weekends watching “Say Yes To The Dress” marathons. I think it’s pretty fun to see other woman find their dream dresses. I hope you enjoyed my picks! Have a great day!

Simply A Plaid Dress

plaid dress (2) plaid dress (5)

I know. I know. It’s been a while since my last post. My apologies! The wedding is taking up all my time. Although, I am working on a few post of my DIY stuff to share with you later. So I haven’t completely forgotten about my blog. =]

Today, I am posting a very petite-friendly A-line silhouette dress with a cut-out along the waistline. It’s a high neckline tank dress and makes for a conservative dress for any family affair. I took this piece out Continue reading

Casual With A Kimono


Hi! Just dropping by to share a quick outfit I wore recently. Kimonos make me feel like I’m wearing a light weight robe, but in a comfortable classy way. I got this one at TJMaxx. I chose to wear the kimono over a black shirt to allow the colors on the kimono to pop. I also tried to stick with a monochromatic look by wearing green bottoms and booties in a different shade of green. 

IMG_5748Here are some of my other Continue reading