Geometric On a Maxi

Green Geometric pattern Maxi (4)

If not done right, geometric pieces can be too busy and overwhelm a petite frame. The mixture of medium and small patterns work on this maxi dress. Instead of drawing your focus to a specific area, the pattern gives the whole dress the attention it well deserves. I usually avoid large prints and patterns, but hey, if you like it, go for it. It’s your world.

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Ombre Kimono On a Good Morning

Red Ombre Kimono (1)

After dropping my dogs off at the vet for their annual check-up, David and I strolled around the shopping plaza. It had just sprinkled a little bit the night before so the air was crisp. As I sat there with the sun beaming on my back, David took a few snapshots of me while the yogis in a nearby class watched. We entertained them and enjoyed a few laughs, grabbed breakfast, and carried on with our great morning.

Red Ombre Kimono (4)

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Gray Tones w/ A Little Sparkle

Gray tones  (1)

Wearing a blazer with a mini body contour dress is a great way to class up your outfit. I threw a one button casual blazer, like the one from J. Crew, over a body contouring cocktail dress for a night out with my finance. There’s a beautiful winery by our house that has wine and dance nights every so often, so when we feel like going out to paint the town red, that’s where we go. It’s hard to find dresses with dramatic necklines like this, Continue reading

Avocado Stuffed Omelet

Avocado Stuffed Omelet anyone? Yes, please.
Check out my latest avocado omelet receipt. It’s made with fresh parsley from my garden and eggs from my hens, Hennessy and Coo-coo. The grapes are from Costco, but hopefully I will have my own this summer. I’ve also started my own avocado tree, so in 3+ years, I’ll be harvesting fresh avocados from my yard. Watch out!

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Have a great day!


Lace Back Sweater

Lace back sweater (1)

Hi all! I really like the lace pattern on the back of this sweater. It adds femininity to an otherwise boring sweater. It’s the perfect piece to wear in California. The days have been cool in the morning and evening, but relatively warm in the afternoon. So it’s a nice sweater to layer with. I accessorized it with a simple black scarf and an antique locket.

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