Branch Silhouette Dress + Side Braids

branch silhouette (1)

It’s official! Autumn is here to bring us colder weather and hopefully some rain. My garden has been less than happy these past few months. With all the attempts to save water, my plants have been getting watered only once/twice a week. However, the strong vegetables like eggplant and chili peppers have been thriving. I’ve gotten more eggplants this year than the last two combined! My tomatoes and cucumbers grew fine with the limited water, but some type of pest is getting to them before me. Therefore, I decided to stop watering them all together and when I get the time, I’ll pull the plants out. I just don’t see any reason to keep them alive when I can’t even reap the benefits of the fruit.

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Lace Trimmed Denim Shorts + Basic Blouse

Lace trim shorts (6)During one of my Target hauls, I snatched up this lace trimmed denim shorts for less than $7. I paired it with a simple, basic blouse from H&M to give this juniors denim a little bit of an adult feel . With the simplicity of this outfit, I decided to carry my Betsey Johnson Ditzy floral bag to add some color. 

The bag comes with a long strap so you can sling it over your shoulder with ease. Lately, I’ve been fond of just carrying my bag by my side or simply holding a clutch. It gives my shoulder a break. Sometimes I feel like my “purse-carrying” shoulder takes a lot of pressure and hangs a lot lower than the other shoulder.

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Portland + Highwaisted Shorts

Hello! It took a while, but I finally got some pictures up from the Portland/Seattle trip I took in July. We were there for 3 days and did a lot eating and sightseeing. Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to abuse the tax-free shopping. I love everything we did here, from the places we ate at to the beers to the friendly people to the parks we visited. I ‘m definitely adding this to my favorite destinations to revisit.

I hope you all enjoy the pictures!

Portland 2014 (24) This is me trekking over logs to get to the prized waterfall.

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Stripes + Floral w/ Bumble Bee

Stripes+Floral (2)

Bumble Bee loves her walks, so last weekend, I took her out on one of my  photo shoots. She loved it until she started to feel the heat on her little paws. Of course, at this point she sits and gives me her look of helplessness, so I can’t help it but pick her up. Don’t let the hair fool you, she’s only about 13lbs. After a nice wash, she looks like a chihuahua.

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White + Polka Dots

White+Polka Dots (2)

Hello and welcome. Is it just me or is summer going by really fast? With my busy work weeks, weekends are the only time I have to play with my closet. Lately, it’s been the basic California shorts and tank top attire. Before summer ends, I’d like to showcase all the outfits I’ve worn this summer. I hope I can get them all posted in the next few weeks.

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Seattle + H&M Dress

Seattle (8)

Last month’s visit to Seattle, Washington was amazing. David and I landed in Portland, Oregon and drove 3 hours up to Seattle for the night. It was a beautiful drive on I-5 with rows and rows of green trees lining the highway. Coming from the dry and yellow San Jose hills, these trees were much appreciated. My lungs definitely enjoyed the crisp air that Seattle had to offer.

Seattle (1)

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