How To Wear A Pinafore In 2020

Pinafores are back and I’m not mad about it! These cute apron style dresses have returned from the 60’s and they bring with them a sweet retro vibe.  There are many ways to wear a pinafore without looking like a child and they are so much fun to layer for fall/winter.  In the warmer months you can totally wear a pinafore on its own or with a tee shirt. Now that the weather is getting colder I’ve been gravitating towards heavier and richer fabrics; such as suede, leather, velvet, and corduroy.

This pinafore is from Abercrombie & Fitch and is currently available in faux brown suede (the one I’m wearing here), faux black leather, faux brown-burgundy leather, and a grey plaid. Layering with a turtleneck not only adds warmth, but makes the outfit look chic and stylish. This tissue turtleneck is pretty thin so it does not add any bulk to an outfit and is available in several color options.

Pinafore (XSP); Turtleneck (S); OTK Boots (6); Jacket (XSP)

Pinafore | Turtleneck | OTK Boots | Jacket

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By laying a pinafore with a white button up blouse it instantly creates a clean and more professional aesthetic. To make this more work appropriate, I would suggest pairing this with black tights and a heel (pump or ankle bootie).

Pinafore (XSP); Button Up Blouse (S); Tory Burch Flats (6)

Pinafore | Button Up Blouse | Tory Burch Flats

This emerald green corduroy pinafore gives me all the retro Christmas vibes! This is originally from Topshop, but I found this gem on Poshmark! I love to give clothing a second chance at life and its really helps the environment. Please see the “Shop My Closet Tab” to view my Poshmark closet and to see why I’m so passionate about slow fashion. I scored this gorgeous pinafore dress from @aspirouz (Alex) for only $9.00! She was very responsive, a quick shipper, offered low prices, and was just a pleasure to do business with…. I highly recommend you check her out!

Pinafore (2); Button Up Blouse (S); Tights (S); Booties (6)

Pinafore | Button Up Blouse | Tights | Booties

I love the look of the brown suede and this striped turtleneck together. This turtleneck is available is many other color options and prints; which can easily change the look of this outfit. Currently for under $20!

Pinafore (XSP); Turtleneck (XS); OTK Boots (6); Jacket (XSP)

Pinafore | Turtleneck | OTK Boots | Jacket

While this is technically a jumpsuit, I found it listed under pinafores on the Abercrombie & Fitch website, so I had to include it on this post. I absolutely love that this comes in petite sizing! I will be wearing this to work and to meet with clients in the very near future.

Jumpsuit (XSP); Button Up Blouse (S); Pumps (6)

Jumpsuit | Button Up Blouse | Pumps

Layering with a blazer or long line coat instantly elevates an outfit and will make you look more polished and chic.

Pinafore | Turtleneck | OTK Boots | Jacket

Style Tips & Tricks

Pair your pinafore with OTK boots to change the proportions of the outfit and it makes for a very stylish look.

Swap out the white button up blouse or turtleneck for a different color or print.

Wear with a chunky knit sweater, tights, and ankle booties for a blogger/Pinterest inspired look. Bonus: You’ll be warm!

Most of the pinafore dresses are in a mini skirt style; which is fantastic if your petite! Also, the straps on these ones are adjustable so you can shorten or lengthen as needed.

Add a top with statement sleeves (another big trend at the moment), to add more visual interest to an outfit, if that’s the look your going for.

I’d love to know what look is your favorite!


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