How To Find Your Perfect Ankle Booties

Ankle booties are extremely versatile and are considered a fall staple for a reason. As the weather gets colder most of your outfit is pretty much covered, as people only really see your jacket and your shoes. This is why I think its important to invest in a good bootie (and coat!)

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When finding your perfect fall bootie, you need to consider your lifestyle.  Using me as an example, I’m a busy mom and a professional who works in an office setting.  While I own many different style booties, the majority of them have a very low heel height (1-3”) and are leather, since that fits my lifestyle.  There are many options to choose from out there, to suit everyone’s personal style.  Booties come in a variety of materials, colors, details, heel heights, and silhouettes… and I just LOVE them all!

Leather Ankle Booties

Plain Black | Combat Boots | Crocodile Embossed

*If the exact booties are not available, I will link a similar option instead.

Leather is probably my favorite material when comes to booties. I’m obviously partial to black, but they can come in many different color options.  The combat boots I listed above are not in stock, but I linked a Steve Madden option that I just adore (Check out the “Wine” color!). I get the most cost per wear out of my black leather ankle booties, because I can dress them up for a chic look, or dress them down for an edgier style.  In general, these are the easiest boots to wear, since they add a contrast to an outfit when paired with a soft fuzzy sweater, jeans, or suede skirt.  They’re also the easiest to clean, because when leather boots get dirty, they can be quickly wiped down and they look like new. 

Suede Ankle Booties

Sock Bootie | Block Heel Bootie | Stiletto Heel Bootie | Chelsea Bootie

*If the exact booties are not available, I will link a similar option instead.

Suede can instantly add texture and soften an outfit; whether that’s in booties, a jacket, or a skirt.  You will find these boots in many different neutral shades that will compliment any wardrobe.  FYI: When purchasing suede booties, consider a heel that is not wrapped in suede, as they can get dirty and ruined very quickly.  I like to find ones that have a wooden or stacked heel, because I find that I get much more life out of them.  I learned this lesson the hard way…

Printed Ankle Booties

Taupe Snake Ankle Booties | Brown Snake Ankle Booties

*If the exact booties are not available, I will link a similar option instead.

Printed booties are an instant outfit maker! Adding a statement shoe is so much fun and gives a basic outfit some interest. I typically go for a pop of leopard or snakeskin, and it gives an outfit the proper finishing touch. Most animal print bootie options are in neutral colors (Black/Tan/Brown) and easily can be worked into any closet.

Flat & Low Ankle Booties

Suede Ankle Booties | Leather Ankle Booties

*If the exact booties are not available, I will link a similar option instead.

A busy lifestyle calls for a flat style ankle bootie. When you need to run around all day, but want to look chic, these will be your go to! These booties are very minimal and can be worn with practically anything. The low cut of these boots makes them very comfortable around the ankle area and the low heal makes them easy to wear.

I’d love to know what booties are your favorite?

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