Spring & Summer Basics for 2021

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Every wardrobe needs spring & summer basics, since its the foundation of every outfit. Having some of these pieces can help with putting outfits together more easily. Take a scroll through and see if you already have some of these items in your closet. If you don’t, then I hope this adds some inspiration and some ideas of what you might be missing. Please remember that style is subjective, so I encourage you to only purchase things that you need and love.

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White Runners

Nothings better in the summer than throwing on a pair of white runners. If you have a pair already, that’s awesome, just clean them up so they are ready to go! These can literally go with everything from skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, to shorts.

White Collared Shirt

A white collared shirt is not just for work! Since you can pair them with jeans for a classic french-girl vibe, tie them in a knot, or wear them with a skirt. I highly recommend getting a linen one and you can wear it open as a swim cover up as well.

Slip-On Nude Sandals

Not only are slides super easy to slip on… they pretty much will go with everything. If you find a color that matches your skin tone, it can create the illusion of longer legs!

Sun Hat

A sun hat can elevate any outfit! Whether you are on the patio, at the beach, pool, BBQ… whatever! They go with everything and keep the sun out of your eyes.


If hats aren’t your thing, I suggest getting an affordable pair of sunglasses. Not the micro sun glasses either (never liked those!), but the BIG ones! The ones that will actually protect your eyes and help you not get wrinkles. If you want to splurge, go for it, but I’d refrain if your prone to loosing or breaking them.

Jean Shorts

Jeans go with everything, so jean shorts are a must! There are so many styles available, such as mom shorts, high rise, curvy, paper bag, different washes, and you get the point. Jean shorts and a white tee shirt is a classic look!

Pull-On Shorts

If jean shorts aren’t your jam and your looking for a more comfortable fit, a good pull on short is essential. There are so many great options out there and at an affordable price point as well.

Linen Pants

Nothing screams summer like linen does. Linen pants are available in many silhouettes (wide leg, joggers, straight leg, crops, etc.) and color options!

Maxi or Mini Dress

A dress is a summer essential, as its an instant outfit and it keeps you cool! I’d suggest a black, white, or floral dress, but if you got the funds…. get one of each! You got a baby shower, brunch with the girls, date night with the hubby, or a 3 year olds birthday party… your covered! Throw on some slides and your good.


A tote is useful all year round, but in the spring and summer, I swap my leather tote for a straw tote. A straw tote will add instant style to any look, and will hold your beach towel, water bottle and other essentials.

Gold Hoops

Yessss… I included gold hoops! If you don’t wear gold, don’t worry, silver is just as good. Go big or go small, there are hoop options for all!

If you made it this far… THANK YOU! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and checking out the summer & spring basics for 2021. Let me know what your favorites are, or what you would add to this list. Thanks for reading and stay fabulous!

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